Weekend in Review: Girl's Golf Camp

Bonnie Blackburn Girl's Golf Camp

This past weekend, I had the honor in speaking and volunteering at the Bonnie Blackburn Girl’s Golf Camp in Franklin, Tennessee. For those of you who don’t know, this weekend camp is when junior girl’s in the area get to stay all weekend at the historic Golf House of Tennessee, get to play, and learn more about the game of golf. They also get to play in scrambles with their friends, practice all sorts of fun drills, and participate in a talent show at the end of the weekend. A lot of the collegiate women golfers in the area come and volunteer and it’s just a whole of fun for everybody. If you have a little one in the area, I definitely recommend you trying it out next year! 

 You know you're at a girl's golf camp when...

You know you're at a girl's golf camp when...

This was the first year I have been since graduating, and like I said before, I had the honor of speaking to the girls a little bit about my story. I told them how my grandfather got me started in the game, how I worked my way to a golf scholarship to Belmont, and how I started my golf apparel business. I told them that when I was their age all I wanted to go was play golf. My mom would drop me off at the golf course after school, and come pick me up when it got dark. I could tell that almost every girl in there could relate to my young passion for the game. I asked who all wanted to be on the LPGA Tour and almost every hand shot up. I told them this was once my dream, but once I got a little older, I realized that wasn’t the route that was for me. I instead joined my two passions for clothes and golf and started my business. I told them that it is OK for your dreams to change when you get older, the most important thing is you just don’t stop dreaming!

Looking into their eyes as I was talking I almost got emotional, because it feels like yesterday I was that wide-eyed girl with huge dreams and an even bigger passion for the game. It made me so excited and left feeling so inspired to see all those young girls with the same passion I had. 

I am very honored to have spoken to this group of girls. I would have never guessed when I was 10 or 11 years old that I would be in a position to influence young girls. And I have to tell you, it was one of the best joys since starting this business! 

Keep dreaming, girls!

xo Sydney