The Golf Mom

The most fabulous moms!

This week’s blog post is about something a little bit sassy, a little bit of sweet, and a whole lot of fabulous. Introducing “the golf mom”. They are the ones that travel around to our golf tournaments, pack our coolers, make sure we have on enough sunscreen, and to listen to our ups and downs of our round on the car ride home.

When I travel to golf tournaments to host my pop-up shops, some of my biggest customers are these wonderful women. I have experienced that it is not only the girl golfer that has had the struggle of finding cute clothes to wear to the golf course, country club, or resort— but it is the golf mom as well! They come to watch their sons, daughters, even husbands and they never had a brand catered toward them either! 

When I was playing golf as a junior and even in college, my mom never knew what to wear to watch me play golf. She couldn’t find a brand that catered toward the fabulous spectator that she was. Don’t we wish Sydney Elizabeth was around back then!

Thank you for all you do for us, moms. This brand is for you too.

XO Sydney