SE Gives Back

Free with purchase!

Missions work has always held a special place in my heart. Growing up, I got to travel a lot going on missions trips and loved it. The feeling of giving back is truly something that cannot be bought. Since the launch of Sydney Elizabeth, I have been searching for a way to give something back and sharing that with my customers. After searching, I have found these Cambodian bracelets to be the perfect fit to give back!

These bracelets were made by women in Cambodia, whose ancestors were stranded on an island during the Killing Field days. Over the years, they have multiplied and have started their own community on this island. Their only hope in providing for their families is to sell these bracelets so they can put food on the table and take care of their children. Selling bracelets in America to them is like the ultimate goal. For a limited time and with every order, Sydney Elizabeth is giving away free bracelets and sending back $5 to these women to help provide for their families. 

Not only are these bracelets hand-crafted and super cute, but they are a great way to make even the smallest difference in these women’s lives. 

XO Sydney